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"We need to always have empathy,
that's the key to achieving the best
human-centered solutions."

About Me

I am Leonardo Pereira, a São Paulo-based senior Product Designer. I love turning complex problems into creative solutions that simplify people's lives.

I specialize in designing for native mobile and web-based apps, as well as web platforms, but I am constantly seeking new challenges. I have over 5 years experience designing user interfaces, user experiences, and conducting research for digital products.

I moved away from my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, to work in São Paulo. My greatest aspiration is to pursue significant challenges and to continue growing in my career .

I have always been passionate about technology, continuously working to master new design tools and stay updated with recent innovations. In my free time I enjoy creating art, traveling, playing video games, watching movies and TV shows.


Industrial Design - University of the State of Rio de Janeiro English as a Second Language - ILSC Vancouver


Visual & UI/UX Design

Interactive Design Mobile Design Web Design Prototyping Design System Wireframing Flow diagrams journey Mapping Graphic Design

Design Research & Strategy

Interviews Usability Evaluation Affinity Maps Survey Design Analytics

Tools & Technologies

Figma Adobe XD Miro Quant-UX Photoshop Hotjar Illustrator CSS ChatGPT Midjourney HTML JavaScript React Native

My Reference books

steve jobs-book michal levin-book jeff sutherland-book steve krug-book

Let's Connect

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